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In the early part of 2014 the senior management of the Pakistan Muslim Centre (PCM) got together and highlighted a need for the local community of Sheffield to have their very own community radio station, a radio station that would involve the rich diverse communities of Sheffield, providing a much needed platform that would link all the communities; utilising the radio airwaves as a medium.


On 21st February 2016 LinkFM 96.7 was born and since has grown from strength to strength, just as one would nourish a child from birth the management team and staff have managed to nourish the station and is already (within 6 months) possibly the most listened local community station in South Yorkshire.

Key Commitments

  • Character of Service

    LinkFM 96.7 offers a local service to inform, educate and entertain listeners. It provides a voice to communities of all types. Regardless of religion, race, gender and age. We encourage inclusion and community engagement.

  • Programming

    The music includes various types of music to suit each segment of the audience including Naat / Nasheed / Hamd, Qawalli, Ghazal, pop, hip-hop, film music, classical, folk and Bhangra.

    The speech elements focus on topical issues of interest and concern to the communities.

    There are presenter led discussions, studio and telephone contributors/guests, invitations to listeners to contact the station and share their views and perspectives.


    The programmes are mainly in Urdu, Punjabi and English with a mixture of other community based languages to reflect the community interests.

    Social gain and other commitments.

    The service reflects the make-up of the target communities’ languages, cultures, ethnicities and other characteristics.

    LinkFM 96.7 promotes the inclusion of people including the disadvantaged, oppressed, the unemployed, young people, women, disabled people, older people and people from Muslim communities.


  • Opportunities

    Opportunities for training and development of individuals are available in every aspect of the service.

    Volunteering is encouraged not only at the station but also with other organisations in the local voluntary, community and faith sectors and active engagement in schools, consultative mechanisms for the NHS, police and the council.

    Information is provided through the broadcasts on opportunities for education, training and development opportunities available locally through other providers.

  • Training

    Every volunteer receives an induction to the station and the governing organisation. Those interested in broadcasting aspects are given short courses in radio production skills (hardware and software) including issues of compliance with broadcasting regulations

    LinkFM 96.7 provides training places per year including administration, security, caretaking and maintenance, radio reporting, presentation and production, and social media management / website / ICT development.


    Access to the studio area is available on a supervised basis when live broadcasting is not being undertaken.

    The station provides access to computer technology for work on editing cues, pictures and audio, programme preparation, for example.



    Members of the community are able to influence the station’s service provision through a variety of means including:

    • On air and off air feedback

    • A Listener Panel

    • Use of the complaints and suggestions procedures

    • Providing comments via social media

    • The AGM of the governing organisation, PMC, where members can stand for election themselves as well as elect others to the

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